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I live close to Houston, Texas (USA). I like motorcycles, music and technology. I am not some radical nut that hates the government and what not. I just notice things that do not make sense.

I am not a Republican or Democrat. I am conservative by nature, but I have some liberal views.

I am conservative when it comes to resources & finances.

I am liberal when it comes to letting individuals do what they want as long as it does not harm other or violate their rights.

I do not believe that the government does not always act in the best interest of its citizens.

I love the USA, I was born and raised here. I proudly served in the US Air Force.

There are many thing that I strongly believe, there are things that I believe are probable or possible and of course, there are things that I do not believe.

I believe strongly in the 10 Commandments, US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

Here is my stand (beliefs) on some of the current event topics

More to come...

  • Privacy
  • 9/11 Terror Attacks
  • Gun Control
  • Government Spending
  • FDA
  • etc...